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Delivery Information


Your demands are held to be prepared upon your order is given. Your order is delivered to the cargo company latest within 20 (twenty) business days after the approval of order. You can track your cargo through the cargo track number which will be given to you. The products which are subject of the contract shall be delivered to BUYER through a cargo company which is determined by SELLER. The cargo fee and cargo insurance fee –if required- shall be added to the invoice amount. The BUYER agrees and guarantees in advance to pay such fees. 

The delivery period of the products which are subject of the contract, by the cargo company might take 1 day or 2 weeks in average after the payment process is concluded. 

SELLER shall not be responsible for the damages that might occur on the product during the Cargo and Delivery period. Buyer has right to reject the cargo if he/she notices any damage on the delivered product. If there is any damage or usage loss on the product that might arise due to the cargo delivery, the BUYER has to made the cargo company’s personnel to issues a damage assessment report before approving the delivery receipt at the moment of delivery and give the product back to cargo personnel through attaching such report on product. Otherwise, the BUYER shall be responsible for the damages and usage losses that arise from the cargo process and the product cannot be returned. In case of the damage on the product is noticed by the SELLER before cargo process and delivery, it would take maximum 20 business days to replace the product and to send it through cargo after the damaged product arrives to the storage of the SELLER. If there is a situation that arise as the product cannot be delivered, the SELLER shall repay the payment amount back to the BUYER within the scope of provision written in this contract. 



The BUYER shall have right to withdraw from the contract within seven (7) days after the delivery of the product to himself/herself or to the person/entity at the given address which is subject of the contract. In order to benefit from the withdrawal right it is required to notify the zeesev.com through fax, e-mail or phone and the product should not be used within the scope of related provisions. In case of benefitting from this right, it is compulsory to return the copy of cargo delivery report with regard to delivery of the product to the 3rd person or buyertogether with the original invoice, to the zeesev.com. The payment amount of the product shall be paid back to the BUYER within 7 days after these documents are delivered. If the original invoice is not sent back, the VAT amount and other liabilities – if available – shall not be paid back. The cargo fee of a product which is returned within the scope of right of withdrawal shall be paid by the BUYER. 

The withdrawal right cannot be used for the product with nonreturnable characteristics, single use products, duplicable software and programs, products that expires in a short time or expired products. It is conditional for the usage of withdrawal right for any kind of software and programs, and consumables (line stone, highlighter etc.) to have unopened package, not be destroyed or not to be used.

Furthermore, the withdrawal right cannot be used for the products which are customized in a tailor made manner due to the special request and demand of the consumer or which were applied modification or addition.

In case of the payment is made by credit card or similar payment cards, the consumer might demand the cancellation of the payment process on the grounds that the card is used without his/her consent and illegally. In such case, the entity which issues the card shall repay such payment amount to the consumer within 10 days after such objection is notified.