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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This declaration contains the privacy policy of www.zeesev.com

As you visit www.zeesev.comyou shall be deemed to agree below given conditions and rules. 

www.zeesev.com shall demand your personal information during your registration period and in the following periods. As ww.zeesev.com team, it is our primary priority to protect and keep confidential your personal information. Therefore, the information that you provide shall not be used out of the rules and purposes mentionedin the registration and sales contract, and shall not be disclosed to the third parties. 

In order to determine and eliminate the problems in the system as soon as possible, www.zeesev.com detects the IP addresses of the users and uses such information, if required.

As of the moment that you register to www.zeesev.com or you make shopping without registration, the weekly information bulletins shall be sent to your e-mail address. You shall reserve your right to amend, waive and restart such rights anytime regarding the delivery of such bulletins. 

The content of such e-mail shall include all the campaigns, discount advantages, product & customer satisfaction bulletins and information regarding the brands that we sell.

You shall be deemed to agree us to contact with you through e-bulleting, e-mail, phone and SMS as you make shopping through our web page or filling ‘call me form’ or demanding information through sending e-mail address of our company.

The İyzico payment platform is used for all the payments made through www.zeesev.com web page. In this manner, it is avoided unwanted person or institutions to acquire your information while you are surfing in the internet. Do not hesitate to contact with us through e-mail at contact@zeesev.com address for any kind of questions and suggestions regarding our privacy policy.